Wound Care Clinic

Grace Moore, an active 93-year-old, fell a little over a year ago and ended up with a wound on her ankle. She didn’t show it to anyone and the initial injury progressed to a significant wound with infection that required medical attention. Her primary care physician, Dr. Bennett, referred her to Dr. Michael Clifford and the Miller County Wound Care Clinic for treatment.

“Dr. Clifford, Markesha, and the entire team at Miller County Wound Care Clinic are fantastic,” said Tommy Moore, Grace’s son. “From the very beginning throughout the entire treatment period of almost a year, they took great care of our mother.”

Tommy says Dr. Clifford explained the situation to his mother and told the family it was going to be a fairly long process to treat and hopefully heal the wound. “And he was right,” Tommy said. “It took almost a year to heal. But in that time we grew to really have a personal relationship with Markesha Groomes, the clinic manager; Dr. Clifford, and everyone on the team – and the care was superb. In fact, while we’re glad the wound is healed, we miss seeing everyone!”

Each Thursday, Mrs. Moore would go to the clinic for treatment, cleaning, and fresh bandages. “They were so patient with our mother,” Tommy said. “They helped turn a bad event into a great experience.”

If you have a wound from an injury, surgery or chronic medical condition such as diabetes or poor circulation or from other causes, the expert team at Miller Wound Care Clinic is ready to help. A physician referral is required; but if you need a referral, please contact us and we will put you in touch with a physician to evaluate your wound care needs. For more information, please call 229-758-5907 or email mgroomes@millernursinghome.com.