Wound Care




Miller County Wound Care Clinic works with patients and their physician to deliver comprehensive care geared towards management and healing. From basic wound care and debridement to wound vac, our expert providers follow a rigorous protocol and use the latest technology to deliver customized care to each patient.

Many situations and conditions create increased risk for someone to develop wounds requiring medical attention including immobility, poor circulation, peripheral artery disease, malnutrition, diabetes, and more.

We treat patients with the following types of wounds, including, but not limited to:

  • Surgery
  • Arterial
  • Venous
  • Pressure
  • Trauma
  • Diabetic

Chronic wounds are serious; they can both limit your activities of daily living and lead to very serious infections if not managed properly. Our multi-faceted approach means our trained staff includes nursing, infection control, lab, radiology, dietetics, respiratory, and additional specialties as needed to deliver comprehensive care tailored to each person's needs. We also use vacuum-assisted closure (wound vac), when appropriate, to help wounds heal. During the treatment, a device decreases air pressure on the wound and pulls the edges of the wound together, which can help some wounds heal more quickly.


Getting Started

While physician referrals are required, if you need wound care treatment and do not have a physician who can refer you to our program, please call and we will connect you with a physician who can evaluate your wound care needs.


Maleigh Cox, RN, is the Wound Care Director for Miller County Wound Care Clinic.

Michael Clifford, MD, is Wound Care Certified and serves as our clinic's medical director. He is a family medicine physician and is a Diplomat with the American Board of Urgent Care Medicine. Dr. Clifford completed his General Surgery Residency at Mt Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach, Florida and served as Chief Resident.

Our outpatient clinic serves patients in the following counties: Miller, Decatur, Seminole, Early, Calhoun and Baker. We work with doctor's offices, nursing homes, home health and other health organizations to provide wound care to patients.

Need More Information?

If you have any more questions about the services at Miller County Wound Care Clinic, please, contact us here.