Long-Term Care

COVID-19 News and Updates: Miller Nursing Home & Calhoun Nursing Home

Information Below is as of February 19, 2021

Governor Kemp has strongly recommended all nursing homes obtain a baseline COVID-19 test on all residents and staff.  With the direction of the Governor and DPH, Miller Nursing Home and Calhoun Nursing Home have completed COVID-19 testing of all staff and residents of each facility. The statistics below represent results of residents and staff who have been tested.


Protective Measures at Miller Nursing Home and Calhoun Nursing Home

  • No visitors are allowed in Miller Nursing Home and we have stopped direct admissions into the facility.
  • All new residents and residents that return from the hospital are being quarantined and monitored to decrease exposure risk.
  • All large close-contact activities have been stopped.
  • In addition to the disinfecting measures we routinely follow and our existing infection control protocols for our staff and facility, the Georgia National Guard provided cleaning and disinfecting to our facility and will return if needed.
  • We will continue to test and report all testing results including any confirmed cases. It is our hope that the aggressive measures we have undertaken will continue to keep our residents safe from this virus.


Statistics and Testing Results for Miller Nursing Home as of 2/24/2021

Miller Nursing Home screens our employees and our residents every shift and evaluate anything that is identified. With the direction of the Governor and DPH, Miller Nursing Home has completed COVID-19 testing of all staff and residents of Miller Nursing Home as of 6/4/20.  With new CMS guidelines released, Miller Nursing Home has initiated testing of all employees weekly in accordance with the current county positivity rate.


  • 3702 resident tests have been completed for COVID-19
  • 3630 residents had negative results and do not have the virus. There are currently 43 residents with pending test results.  There are currently 2 resident with a positive COVID-19 test result. The last positive resident result was on 02/24/2021.  20 residents have recovered.


  • 6702 employee results were negative and do not have the virus. We currently have employee tests 78 pending. 74 employees have tested positive since March. The last positive employee result was on 02/05/2021. Any employee that tests positive is quarantined at home and does not return to work until they have a negative result.  Any employee that has any symptoms of COVID-19 are immediately quarantined at home and tested for the virus.   Due to the recent positive employee, all residents of Miller Nursing Home will be tested every 7 days until 14 days have passed since the possible exposure.

Statistics and Testing Results for Calhoun Nursing Home as of 2/26/2021

Calhoun Nursing Home continues screening our employees and residents for COVID-19 exposure and symptoms. All staff will be tested weekly for COVID-19 according to our county positivity rate. Residents are testing as needed. Staff continues to wear a face mask at all times, and gown and gloves when caring for residents. Hand hygiene is being performed frequently. Staff are all disinfecting the environment often. Residents are encouraged to wear a face mask when out of their rooms.

Visitation with residents is encouraged. You may video chat or window visit with residents at any time. Outdoor visits can be scheduled with Lynn at ext 6112. Prior COVID-19 testing is requested. Masks, COVID-19 symptom screening prior to visit, and social distancing are required.

COVID-19 vaccines continue to be available for consenting residents and staff.


  • 85 residents have been tested for COVID-19. 55 of those residents are currently in-house.
  • 73 residents had negative results and do not have the virus; 12 residents tested positive with 1 resident testing positive a second time. Our last positive resident test was 12/22/2020. The positive residents were quarantined at another facility. We are taking aggressive measures of symptom monitoring and COVID-19 testing of our residents and staff to identify illness early and reduce transfer and infection risk of the virus.


  • 186 employees have been tested for COVID-19. 90 of these employees are current active employees.
  • 172 employees had negative results and do not have the virus; 14 employees tested positive with 1 staff member testing positive a second time. Our last positive employee test was 2/2/21. Employees were quarantined at home until symptoms improved. We took aggressive measures to monitor the residents who were cared for by the positive employees with testing and monitoring.

Connected Care for Residents at Miller Nursing Home and Calhoun Nursing Home

  • We are working to maintain our resident’s spirits during this difficult time and trying to ensure they still have quality activities while maintaining all safety protocols.
  • We would love for our families to send messages to their loved ones or video chat with them using Skype or Facetime. If you would like to do this please let someone know during our call each week, we will be happy to help you connect with your loved one!
  • Please let us know if there are steps we can take to improve our communication with you, we are here to help.